City Beer Hall hits The River

It all started with a school bus...

Sunday afternoon was all a buzz with smiling faces of the City Beer Hall employees. As a sister business of The Stewart House, we were honored to host the City Beer Hall employee appreciation party. The Ballinger family graciously closed the doors to CBH and rented a bus to ship their staff down to Athens to experience The River. 

With Blind Crow Bluegrass as the sound track for our event, the dance floor was filled with happy faces and dancing feet. As a fellow restauranteur, you tend to spend a lot of time with your fellow staff and its a rare day that you get to spend the day together off the clock. It was so nice to see the comaraderie between all areas of the restaurant, servers to managers, to cooks and bartenders. It was a perfect display of a happy unit which is key to the success held by City Beer Hall. 

Cheers to CBH!! 

Katie TetroComment