Athens is a DRAG...

Or is it...

"Lets host a DRAG show" they said... "It'll be fun" they said... and that it was!!

Athens went wild for the gorgeous ladies of DRAG this July. Upon advertising we immediately started receiving phone calls and emails to reserve tables. By the morning of the show, we had completely sold out seating for The River, setting a record for reservations in one night. The anticipation was high!! The excitement was in the air. Unfortunately, so was the rain, but those random storms rolling thru is nothing new to us. These are the perils of being an outdoor venue. But... nothing could break down the hype or the energy in the garden that night. One by one the queens started arriving, each more beautiful then the next. Stunning make up jobs, incredible wigs, luxurious gowns, and jewelry, sparkles, and costumes. It was apparent from the start that this was going to be a night like no other. 

Tables were full of guests anticipating what was to come. Local guests and brand new faces. A bachelorette party, ladies night out groups, fellow DRAG lovers and participants. The show was delayed by 30 minutes due to a minor downpour but no one seemed to care. Nothing could bring down the energy and excitement for what was to come.


Girlgantua Jones takes the stage.

The crowd goes absolutely wild!! The moment everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. Two NYC party DJs start the beats and out come the queens. Singing, dancing, performing. These lovely ladies left it all on the stage. Never in my years at The Stewart House have I ever seen the garden so packed with people!! Everyone dancing along with claps, whistles, and screams of excitement. The glow of cell phones recording videos and taking pics provided an extra source of stage lighting. To say this show was a success would be a understatement. 

So in closing, my thoughts on whether or not Athens is a drag?? When these ladies come to town, Athens is anything but a DRAG. Can't wait for the next one. 

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