Will they make it...

Crunch time is upon us! With a steadfast opening date of Memorial Day Weekend, the Stewart House staff has been working around the clock to make sure all is ready for the grand reveal. The River Grill menu and Cocktail menu are complete and ready for service.  We have sourced the highest quality meats from Highland Hollow Farm, and poultry from Heather Ridge Farm. 

At Highland Hollow, our goal is simple: produce the highest-quality meat products you can buy anywhere… at any price. That’s a lofty goal, but we’ll let our results speak for themselves.
— http://www.highlandhollow.org

Renovations have slowed inside as they are almost complete. Our main focus at this point is getting The River (formerly known as Happy Jakes) ready for Opening day!! So many improvements have been made.  The entire dining area is now on a level plateau, a large trex decking area has been installed to designate the dining area outside. 

"There is nothing so stable as change" -Bob Dylan

"There is nothing so stable as change" -Bob Dylan

The real star of the show has come to fruition... The River Grill. Custom designed and fabricated by the immensely talented team at May & Watkins Designs, right here in Athens NY. Anyone who had a past experience at The Stewart House outdoor bar/restaurant would recall that all the food was cooked across the street and run across the road. That is NO longer the case! We are proud to say that all the dishes served at The River are cooked on The River grill, right before your eyes. We consider our chefs and grill masters artists, and encourage you to take a peak while waiting for your dish. 

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Stay tuned for more updates!

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