What I’ve learned from our guests...

In my experience with watching our hotel guests come and go, Ive noticed most people fall into two categories. The “comers” and the “goers”.

We’ll start with the “goers”. These are the guests that book rooms to stay locally while they attend events, try new area restaurants, get tickets to local shows or exhibits. These guests book their rooms with the intention of having a beautiful and comfortable bed to come home to after any of these various fun filled days/nights. We thank them for staying with us and are happy to be that respite from the evenings events.

But the “comers”, now these people are the ones I envy. The ones who really know how to do this “hotel” thing the right way. I find that often these guests book with the intention of experiencing the Stewart House hotel for all that it is. The schedule varies from guest to guest but to do it all, this is the schedule for pure and unadulterated relaxation and fulfillment.

We greet these guests promptly at 3pm with nothing but joy and smiles on their faces. We bring them up to their room, stopping at each important place to point out the luxuries along the way. The Common Area, fully stocked with organic coffees, fine teas, and house made snacks, all surrounded by a unique book collection and two utterly divine chairs in a bay window area overlooking the majestic Hudson River. On ward and upward to the 3rd floor suite. As you turn the key and open the door its rewarding to see the look of satisfaction on the guests face, they know just as well as we do that they chose the right place. We close the door and leave the guest to get settled in the room.

Next up, “Cocktail Hour”. Whats a better way to celebrate the kick off of your stay then finding a seat at the bar and ordering a Bloody Mary and a dozen oysters. Its the type of drink and snack that couldn’t be rushed if you tried, the perfect centerpiece to a great conversation. Feeling the place out, taking a peak around, looking over the menu and deciding just when and how many of these delicacies you can manage to take in. Meeting fellow guests and local patrons and getting acquainted with the staff. When you’ve had your fill, and feel the glow of that Bloody Mary, maybe a quick stroll around town or just a short walk across the street to bask in the glory of the Hudson River from the Athens Riverside Park.

With no real “plans”, the “comers” are here to stay. Heading back to the room to take a soak in the suites free standing tub, with plenty of space for two and the aroma of locally crafted bath salts and toiletries, then cozying up in the complimentary robes and slippers. Wether it be nap time, movie time, or time to catch up on the book or podcast you’ve been so desperately wanting to finish, this my friends is total relaxation at its finest. Room service for a Chaseholm farm cheese board or County Pate plate and a glass, or bottle of wine is a must!!

Time to get up, get dressed, and mosey on downstairs. Night has come and the Tavern and Dining Room are alive with bustling waitstaff taking the best care of tables full of diners and cocktail connoisseurs. The playlist always fits the night and heightens the energy of the room. A quick drink at the bar while the host sets the table for your dinner. This is your social time, you blend with the aura of the room, looking around at the various plates on tables, and the aromas of these delicious dishes fill the air. It doens’t take long to place your order as its not your first time to peak at the menu. A cocktail or suggested wine pair from the chef and an entree to die for, followed by the freshest desserts from the in-house baker. An aperitif or night cap, and back upstairs for the greatest nights sleep, surrounding yourself in Italian Sferra bedding. Goodnight.

And good morning. Feeling refreshed and fulfilled from all the nights glory, you wander down to the breakfast nook. Sadly your stay has come to an end, but only until next time. These are the “comers”, these are the ones who really know how to do the hotel right. Thank you for staying with us. Cheers.

Katie TetroComment