There's something about a snow storm...

Its funny how we automatically assume that snow brings everything to a stand still... I tend to find that snow brings out the best of them. While some stay in, put on their favorite pajamas, fuzzy slippers and a good movie, others strap on their snow boots, hats and gloves, and head down to their favorite watering hole. The crowd tends to be smaller, but the conversation is always large. Usually revolving around “how much we’re gonna get”, or which station, channel, or app is most reliable, “how long it’s gonna last”, or when the village is going to start up the plow, salt and sand trucks. Those dedicated plow drivers pull up and comment on the road conditions while the die hards smoke cigarettes, all huddling under the small but effective eaves covering the entryways. The atmosphere feels warm and comfortable inside. The same feeling of relaxation you get cuddled up at home, fills the air of the tavern. No one rushing out to get anywhere specific, no errands to be run, no time limits. Just the falling snow as the back drop of what could be mistaken for a old timers board meeting, a meeting of the minds. As they come and go, shouts of “be careful driving”, “stay warm” and “call when you get home” create an all encompassing feeling of friendship and more importantly family.

These are the moments that matter… theres certainly something about a snow storm.

Katie TetroComment