One of the grandest hotel/restaurants of the Hudson River Valley is located in the river town of Athens, directly across from Hudson, New York. Continuing a legacy that began in the 1883 when it first opened its doors. The Athens hotel itself accommodates up to 22 guests. 

 The nine spacious and fully complete guest rooms pay appropriate respect to the Stewart House's historically important past. At the same time, it now features state-of-the-art heating, cooling and electric. The bathrooms feature marble tile showers, custom baths and heated towel warmers. These rooms have been carefully styled for the ultimate getaway boasting large and airy suites, perfect for snuggling up and enjoying the view of the Hudson River. 

Many guests have asked us about the significance of the backward S in our logo. The backward "S" appears on a large iron plate on the Stewart House's southeast entrance, presumably added as the finishing touch in 1883.  We think the backward "S"  occurred either because the person who molded the iron made an old fashioned mistake that was ultimately acknowledged but judged, presumably by Hardy Stewart himself, not to be important enough to correct, or the backward "S" was intended as a particularly prescient style fashion statement, or the person who did the mold was dyslexic, and to him or her, the world often appeared in reverse.